Chiropractic Testimonials

“Dr. Parchem is the best chiropractor we’ve found in many years. My husband and I have had excellent results in a very short time. We are impressed with Dr. Parchem’s skillful technique and the effectiveness of his adjustments with the use of a decompression table. We feel blessed having such a knowledgeable and exceptional chiropractor living in our area.”
– P. W.


“Thank You for such a pleasant experience, I can’t thank you enough for sitting there and talking to me before we got started, instead of jumping right into it see you on my next visit. 5 stars.”
– Tiffany L.


“I have been going to a chiropractor all my life and I have never had a better adjustment in my life it was a decompression procedure One and done for me. I am going back for a adjustment before we go back to Fort Myers for 8 months Oct.1st. We will be back to the Baraboo area June 1st 2022. It will be the first thing I due when we come back to Wisconsin.”
– Gerald B.


“I’m new to the area and hopped around to different chiropractors until I found Parchem Chiropractic Center. I’m not new to chiropractic centers however and have had a long standing neck injury as well as did landscaping work for over 10 years, so I’ve gotten to know a good chiropractor when I see one. You will get results that are affordable with Parchem. The service is great and they are very flexible, friendly and knowledgeable. Everything you want in a chiropractor or any other service for that matter. I’m glad to have found my new chiro center and even more glad to not be in pain anymore.”
– Jeremy S.


“Had a great experience with Parchem Chiropractic after a major back spasm. They were able to get me in same day. I was 100% within 48 hours of adjustment. I was referred by my dad who has back issues as well and won’t go to any other chiropractor besides Parchem.”
– James H.


“If you’re looking for great chiropractic care, look no further! I work for a CPA firm and sit at a desk all day. Even more so during tax season which results in lower back and neck pain! Dr. Parchem has helped greatly in keeping that pain at ease, as well as showing me different stretches to do when I get home. Thanks for keeping me healthy and productive!”

– Grace S. 


“Always fits me in on my crazy schedule… and works with my cheerleaders on getting them aligned and proper education on sitting in desks, proper footwear, etc!!”
– Marisa L.


“I always use Parchem when I need any adjustments/re-alignments. They always find the source of my pain very quick, and make the correct adjustment. The owner is very knowledgeable, and always help me understand the cause of the pain. They also show me exercises, and stretches that I can try at home to help with my pain, and my posture. The Electro-shock muscle therapy helps relax my muscles around the affected area, which are usually tense because of my bad posture etc. Highly recommend!”
– Aaron B.


“Whenever I come and get adjusted Dr. Parchem thoroughly examines me and finds the issues and I always feel satisfied.”
– Casey M.


“Highly recommend Parchem Chiropractic. Best chiropractor in the area!!”
– Erika R.


“Dr. Parchem takes the time to help you discover what the long-term cause of your pain is, instead of simply treating the symptoms. Dr. Chad is genuinely caring, making sure to answer any questions and address any fears or concerns you might have about chiropractic in a completely open and non-judgmental way. If you have any hesitations/preconceptions/things you’ve always wondered about chiropractic, he’s got an answer!”
– Chris M.


“I’ve been having chronic back pain for the past 10 years now. I’ve seen several specialists during that time to include physical therapists, acupuncture, and chiropractors, all of which hardly any effect in treating my pain. The classic take these and let me know how it works out for your line, and the experimental phase to see which prescription works best. So one day I run into Dr. Chad Parchem and tell him what’s been going on with my situation. He scheduled an appointment with me, and from that first treatment, he made me believe in chiropractors again. This guy is seriously amazing with the skills that he possesses.”
– Jody L.


“I was afraid to go to a chiropractor because of a negative experience yrs. ago, because of a job-related neck and back injury and the pain I was in, I went to Dr. Chad, he was not only gentle in treating my painful neck and back but did an AMAZING JOB in relieving the pain! I highly, highly recommend him if you are in need of an Excellent Chiropractor!”
– Carolyn M.


“Excellent service, straight to the point, I wouldn’t give my money to anyone else.”
– Tyler M.


“About 2 months ago I suffered an injury to my shoulder that was so painful I literally thought I was going to lose my mind (or what I have left of it as my hubby would say). 2 weeks went by and not only was there no improvement in my pain, it actually seemed to be spreading and getting worse! I am normally a very active person and enjoy being outside caring for our animals and property, but this injury had me immobilized and beyond miserable. It was physically and mentally taking a significant toll on me. I can’t find the right words to express how my visits to Dr. Chad have improved my pain….and my life!! I am so thankful to Dr. Chad for what he has done for me and I will be a lifelong client for sure. I encourage anybody who is suffering from pain to not hesitate to make an appointment. Again, thank you Dr. Chad for giving me my life and sanity back!!!”
– Kim B.


“After moving to Baraboo from out of state I didn’t know where to go when my hips started giving me problems again. I asked around at work and a co-worker suggested Dr. Chad. After going to see Dr. Chad I highly recommend him to anyone, he answered all my questions and even showed me some different supplements I can take for my overall health. Thank you for taking the time to help me and for being so understanding.”
– Deb S.


“I was on vacation in the Baraboo area with my family and my husband hurt his back while we were water skiing. Dr. Chad was able to get him mobile again and we were able to salvage the rest of our vacation. Thank you so much ? ? :).”
– Karen B.